Prenatal Care

Beginning around the 12th-13th week of your pregnancy, we will meet on a regular basis in the comfort of your own home or mine. We will monitor you and your baby and discuss different topics related to your stage of pregnancy, preparations for birth, and what to expect in the upcoming visits. Your support partner and children are always welcome and encouraged to join us at these appointments. I offer limited evening and weekend appointments as needed.


Labor and Birth

A midwife will be on call for you 24/7 as we anxiously await the arrival of your new baby! We will meet a bit more often during the last few weeks as we prepare for your new arrival! The midwife and an assistant will come to your home once you are in labor and will stay with you throughout active labor and birth.

*A birth pool is available for a small fee on a first come basis*


Postpartum Care

The midwife and her assistant will stay with mom and baby for 2-3 hours after the birth. During this time we will encourage family bonding, assist with initial breastfeeding, monitor both of you, and do most of the clean up. The midwife will come back the next day to assess both mom and baby and do initial paperwork and testing as needed. There will also be a routine 4-6 week check-up. Additional visits can be arranged as needed.


Women’s Health

Not pregnant but still looking for a midwife? Home Sweet Home Birth offers well woman visits! This includes your annual well woman exam, PAP smears, and preconception visits.



Dr. Larry Gratkins is located in Normal, IL and is available for ultrasounds and lab work for our low risk pregnant clients. If you need to see a physician for any reason, Dr. Gratkins will work with us to keep you informed and educated in your care. He accepts many types of insurance. He is the collaborating physician for Home Sweet Home Birth and is a wonderful resource for us.

*Other options available if necessary for insurance reasons

We can also help guide you towards finding resources and birth services as desired, including doula care, childbirth education, birth photography, placenta encapsulation, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.